Why Swedes don’t fight over the covers

From universal healthcare, to gender equality, Nordic culture is all about equal access to happiness, so it’s not surprising that that includes equal access to a good night’s sleep.

Sharing a bed with a partner is one of life’s great compromises: in exchange for the warmth and intimacy that comes with a nighttime snuggle buddy comes a regular, late night tug-of-war over the duvet. Fortunately for families everywhere, our Scandinavian friends have a solution: sleeping with two duvets. It might sound a little strange at first, but to do it in the true Scandinavian Method, you’ll just take two twin size duvets and fold them in half. You‘ll also lose the top sheet entirely, transforming your bed from something like a single human sandwich, into something more like two human tacos. Voila! You each get your own little pocket of Hygge.

It’s a practice so common in Scandinavian countries that its even fairly standard at hotels; according to GQ’s Sarah Crow, the Icelandic hotel she and her husband stayed at during their honeymoon introduced her to the idea, and included a note from the concierge to the newlyweds reading: “A bit of space and a lot of sleep are the best gifts you can give each other.”

If you’re worried about how it will look in the daytime, it’s common to drape a coverlet across the duvets to tidy the look. IKEA sells a TOG-ether Bundle of two duvets, but only in the countries where the practice is common, so for now those of us south of the aurora borealis will need to just buy two.