Oslo on track for zero-emissions public transport

Oslo will be the first capital city in the world with an all-electric public transport system by the end of 2023,  part of its plan to be the world’s first emissions-free city by 2030. The transport push will replace all 450 diesel-fuelled buses with electric ones, part of a 21M Euro ($47 million) programme that Sirin Stav, Vice-Mayor responsible for environment and transport, said will save the city money over the long term.

“The maintenance is cheaper, it’s also cheaper for the operators of the electric buses,” she said.

Stav encourages other cities to follow Oslo’s example — the city of 700,000 has already electrified most of the ferries that ply the fjord on which it is located, and Stav notes that e-buses were 5% less expensive than diesel equivalents. ZERO, a Norwegian environmental group, said the bus rollout marked an important step forward for the city.