EVs risk overloading existing grids. What can we do about it?

As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads continues to rise, there is growing concern about the possibility of an overload of charging stations and electrical grids. The looming ban on petrol and diesel vehicles in many countries makes the issue even more pressing. However, there is some reassuring news. Dr. Axel Schmiegelow, Head of Energy Storage Solutions at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, believes that there are viable solutions that can prevent an overload of charging stations and an electrical grid meltdown.

A battery storage system is one of the potential solutions. Such systems can store excess energy generated by renewable sources during off-peak hours, and release it during peak hours, thereby balancing out the peaks and valleys of energy demand. Dr. Schmiegelow emphasized the potential of battery storage systems, stating that they can optimize the charging process and keep the electrical grid stable, even during peak charging periods when many EVs are charging simultaneously.

Another solution is the implementation of a load management system that uses intelligent algorithms to balance out the power consumption of charging stations, thereby preventing grid overloading. According to Dr. Schmiegelow, load management is an effective means of avoiding grid overload, as it shifts the demand of charging stations and ensures that energy is available when it’s needed.

A smart charging system that takes into account the EV’s battery capacity and charging behaviour is another potential solution. By utilizing such a system, the charging process can be optimized, and the demand for electricity can be reduced. Dr. Schmiegelow explained that smart charging systems are highly efficient, as they consider the battery status and charging behaviour of the vehicle, thus avoiding peak loads.

In conclusion, Dr. Schmiegelow asserts that a combination of these solutions could provide a reliable and cost-effective means of managing the increased demand.