We believe that the future is in great peril, that humans are facing the greatest threat to our existence on this planet since the cold war, and that in the face of such dire and desperate circumstances the system is not responding appropriately. In short, we need social innovation.

Social innovation engages with complex social problems on a system level. It believes that "Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets” and that we need to map, analyze and intervene in the system, to redesign it from the inside, if we expect it to produce a different output.




Solutions Journalism

Solutions journalism is an approach to news reporting that focuses on the responses to social issues as well as the problems themselves. Solutions stories, anchored in credible evidence, explain how and why responses are working, or not working. The goal of this journalistic approach is to present people with a truer, more complete view of these issues, helping to drive more effective citizenship.

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A Platform for Scaling

People everywhere are answering the call for solutions to climate change. Behaviour change, technology, policy, culture and markets are responding with innovative solutions every day, but these solutions are at risk of dying on the vine if they are not spread widely and quickly. By providing a platform for scale we aim to accelerate the adoption and impact of innovative solutions.

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Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative inquiry is a method of finding solutions by developing strengths rather than focusing on problems. AI asserts that excessive focus on dysfunctions can actually make problems worse or fail to become better. By contrast when social groups understand and value the most favourable features their society, they can make rapid improvements. We advocate for the adaption and adoption of proven social policy, particular Nordic Methods.

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Hållbar is Swedish for sustainability. is a global non-profit NGO dedicated to fighting climate change, headquartered in Canada.



We envision a world where all people are engaged in the stewardship of our planet, using its resources sustainably for future generations.


MISSION uses social innovation tools and practices to engage citizens on climate change and sustainability, to encourage the use of more sustainable alternatives to traditional choices, and be a platform for scaling solutions.