Forget hygee: samfundssind is the Danish import that should have been

In March 2020, weeks after the pandemic arrived in Denmark along with the rest of the world, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen laid out her Covid response, and along with it, she revived a word that hadn’t been used since the dark days of facist expansion and the dawn of the second world war: samfundssind.  “As […]

Why Swedes don’t fight over the covers

From universal healthcare, to gender equality, Nordic culture is all about equal access to happiness, so it’s not surprising that that includes equal access to a good night’s sleep. Sharing a bed with a partner is one of life’s great compromises: in exchange for the warmth and intimacy that comes with a nighttime snuggle buddy […]

Tesla smashes production car speed records

Everyone knows Tesla makes fast cars, but apparently Jay Leno has just set the land speed world record for the fastest 1/4 mile run in a production car. Piloting the all-electric Model S Plaid, Leno launched from the start line at the Auto Club Famosa strip ready to set a new land-speed record.   Accompanied by […]

Canadian Startup’s Coffee Pods Achieve 100% Breakdown by Composting Within 10 Weeks

Canadian startup NEXE Innovations Inc. (TSXV: NEXE) an aspiring leader in plant-based materials science and advanced manufacturing technologies, announced results from Pilot-scale composting and sieving tests for measurement of disintegration performed on its NEXE Nespresso-Compatible Pods by OWS Labs they claim conforms to international standards. “We are extremely pleased that our NEXE Nespresso-Compatible Pods achieved 100% disintegration within […]

Robots Welcome: How Sweden Protects Workers, Not Jobs

email GARPENBERG, Sweden — From a mining control room, carved out of rock half a mile underground, Mika Persson has watched the robots on his monitor steadily advance in skill over the years, replacing more and more human jobs. He doesn’t mind. They replaced his once. A few years prior at the New Boliden mine […]