Why Swedes don’t fight over the covers

From universal healthcare, to gender equality, Nordic culture is all about equal access to happiness, so it’s not surprising that that includes equal access to a good night’s sleep. Sharing a bed with a partner is one of life’s great compromises: in exchange for the warmth and intimacy that comes with a nighttime snuggle buddy […]

Tesla smashes production car speed records

Everyone knows Tesla makes fast cars, but apparently Jay Leno has just set the land speed world record for the fastest 1/4 mile run in a production car. Piloting the all-electric Model S Plaid, Leno launched from the start line at the Auto Club Famosa strip ready to set a new land-speed record.   Accompanied by […]

IKEA Celebrates Sustainability Inspired Black Friday

This Black Friday, IKEA Canada will put sustainability at the core of its offer, highlighting products, services and solutions that are better for both people and the planet. In lieu of door crasher deals, IKEA will invite Canadians nationwide to sell-back their gently-used IKEA products, offering up to double the sell-back value* via in-store credit […]