The HÅLLBAR Climate Solutions Journal Is a quarterly journal documenting the best innovations in sustainability

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" Hope is the companion of power, and mother of success; for who so hopes strongly has within them the gift of miracles. "
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Samuel Smiles
Scottish Reformer

HALLBAR.ORG believes in the power of social innovation to solve complex problems at the systems level.


Founded in 2018, we are a leading NPO that works to create behaviour change in culture, policy and markets by documenting the climate solutions and progress being made, inspiring hope that negative GhG emissions are possible, and encouraging participation from everyone. Together, we’re creating a sustainable future. 


Climate change is a problem like we have never known. It threatens to overwhelm our systems, it challenges many of the things we take for granted: energy, the economy, and the way we build coalitions and consensus to create change. This is what we would call a “wicked problem”. Fortunately, social innovation provides us with some tools and practices that were built for modern social problems. At HÅLLBAR, we believe social innovation can get the world to net-zero.