IKEA is selling renewable energy to homes in Sweden

Alongside affordable furniture, houseware, and meatballs, you can now add green energy to the list of products found at Ikea. Ikea’s parent company, Ingka has partnered with Svea Solar to add home solar panels to the inventory, and that’s not all.

Ikea will now also offer (to residents of Sweden, for now) green energy from wind and solar farms that can be bought and tracked with an app! 

It would seem that somebody over in the planning department has had their thinking cap on. Ikea also recently bought an 80% stake in Romanian wind farms and is committed to becoming carbon neutral, by 2030, but climate positive.

That means they intend to not only mitigate all of their emissions but work to reverse emissions as well. It is a big deal to see a company lead the way in a pledge like this. Frankly, it’s about time we saw something like this.

So much of the world is experiencing the sometimes-devastating effects of climate change. The floods, ever more intense hurricanes, drought, wildfires, smoke and more lead to immediate hardships. These are devastating for those directly affected, and weigh heavy on the minds of most others.

It can feel like a losing battle as an individual. What is the point of recycling your cans when foreign actors, huge corporations and entire industries that contribute greatly to the issue are doing seemingly little, if anything, to rectify it?

With this in mind, it comes as a breath of fresh air to learn that a corporate behemoth such as Ikea is so invested in working to change the future. Their calculations deduct that their consumers’ footprint accounts for about 20% of their emissions. Utilizing that Swedish common-sense that Ikea is so well known for, they are ponying up for it.

Jan Gardberg serves as the New Retail Business Manager for Ingka. He had this to say:

 “At Ikea, we want to become fully circular and climate positive by 2030, built on renewable energy and resources. We believe that the future of energy is renewable and we want to make electricity from sustainable sources more accessible and affordable for all.”

The idea that a company could not only achieve net-zero carbon emissions but actually proactively work to improve the climate? Well, that has been met with skepticism by some. Ikea does seem to have a well-thought-out plan to achieve this. It sets a precedent that the world could stand to benefit from: 

What if corporations worked to not only reduce their carbon footprint but pay back their carbon debt?

As the world moves in a greener, more sustainable direction, it is going to require corporate giants to lead the way. Ikea has taken a big step towards that with this move. 

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