Sweden’s sustainability culture is among the strongest on the planet, but a new beer may put even Swedes commitment to the test. Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL), Nya Carnegiebryggeriet brewery, and Carlsberg have joined forces to create a pilsner crafted from organic hops, malt… and recycled wastewater.

It’s named PU:REST, and the goal driving the unique ingredient is to create more awareness when it comes to our ability to turn wastewater into safe drinking water, a process that will become increasingly important as the world’s freshwater supply changes.

“Ultimately, this comes down to beating the drum for sustainable water treatment, and for the value of fresh water,” Staffan Filipsson of IVL said in a press release.

Sweden’s Hammarby water treatment plant processes the wastewater nearby.

Nya Carnegiebryggeriet a joint venture ofBrooklyn Brewery and Carlsberg. You can buy the beer this summer in Sweden and at select festivals.